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Posted By: Amos
22-Jul-04 - 08:04 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Subject: RE: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
8. This symbolizing process actually requires several layers of abstraction.
• Experience a cat
• Make a picture of experiencing a cat
• Make concepts representing the memory image
• Make language representing the concepts, including morphemes into which you may embed abstracted bits of meaning and phonemes containing agreed-upon sounds
• Make an alphabet of shapes to represent phonemes of sounds (omit if using Chinese)
• Make spellings, using the alphabet, to establish forms for the word-sounds used to represent the abstracted memory
• Carve, paint, or build from sticks symbols representing the alphabet forms agreed on for the words needed to represent the thought representing the experience. Or draw them on paper. An ìAî drawn on paper represents all ìAî functions which represents sounds Aww Ahhh and Ay, one or more such letters representing the phonemic component of a sound series agreed upon to represent a concept of an experience.
• Make a numbering system based on your fingers or toes, or both. If you are a sloth, multiply by six and call it ìhexî. Now, take all those forms representing sounds representing words representing Ö etc., and choose a number to represent each one of them. This is a Good Thing because numbers are better than letters anyway.
• Now build a switching system to make digital (binary) representations of the numbers which you have mapped to characters in the alphabet, and a complicated electronic display system to translate those digital representations back into shapes (analog) that your eye can translate.
• Using a modem, send pulses representing the bits of the binary representation of the characters combined into words representing sounds representing concepts representing the memory of the experience of looking at a cat.