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22-Jul-04 - 08:10 PM
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16. Everything
Armed with these complex compoounds of Know, people use business to earn money; they use money to buy futures and positive experiences of the present. They buy futures in order to contemplate varieties of experience. There is no objective standard that requires what sort of future experience should drive any given individual or market sector. But it is clear that there is a spectrum of possible experiences which constitute the driving energy behind the accomplishment of future experience.
This spectrum includes individual experience, including individual material wellbeing. It includes future familial experience, starting with the affinity of romantic and/or sexual bonds. The energy of this kind of knowing leads some to believe that the driving consideration in life is love, getting laid, making babies or "family values" built around the generation of new humans.
In addition, efforts to achieve the future of groups experiencing as groups - be it Rotarians, citizens of Smallville, Urbane Cosmic University Graduates Associated, Denizens of Earth, Employees in Revolt, or Butterfly Lovers International . Each individual builds a set of these groups which function somewhat like a template, in his mind, of things he belongs to, and about which he knows. Great philosophies have been built up on the notion that this kind of knowing is really the dominat one ñ Marxism and capitalism are two that come to mind.
The species itself, sensed as a whole, is another zone of future experience, as are the planet as an environment, and the space-time continuum. Another is spiritual experience, individual or organized. Sometimes the ìgroupsî category is substituted for the spiritual as a token to hold the place of spiritual experience by at least participating in a group. Church service is an example ñ it may or may not be a spiritual experience but is usually an experience of group and group agreement in any case. Not the same thing, though, and certainly the two involve very different kinds of knowing..