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Posted By: JennyO
24-Jul-04 - 12:29 PM
Thread Name: BS: Vladimir the Inhaler; Vampire Villain
Subject: RE: BS: Vladimir the Inhaler; Vampire Villain
JennyO had also noticed that Vlad and Magenta were nowhere to be seen. She guessed that they must have gone to the Stafford Hotel, and she was worried. Magenta seemed so confident, but had she bitten off more than she could chew, JennyO wondered?

Freda seemed to have forgotten all about the reason why they were here - she was totally absorbed in the new stranger at her table, who now seemed to be talking about teddies. Speaking of which, where was Sandra? Everybody was disappearing!

Just then, Jenny saw Jennie G approaching.

"Himself just dropped me off here", she said, "and I just saw Sandra leaving. She was saying something about an early night and a doll and bear guild meeting"

"Oh", said JennyO. "That at least explains SOME things. Listen, Magenta has disappeared, and I think she has gone to Vlad's apartment. We need to get freda away from that guy, and go there. She might be in trouble."

"Who's that hairy-looking guy over there?", said Jennie G.

"Why that's Mr Chongo", said JennyO. "He seems to have been taking a great interest in Magenta. Oh look, he's coming over."

In one leap, he was by their side. "I think there's something you aughta know about the company your friend's been keeping", he said. "That guy Vlad is a boney fido genu-wine card-carrying vampire, from Catnipia"

"Yeah, I've known guys like that.." JennyO mused.