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Posted By: Rapparee
24-Jul-04 - 10:32 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Subject: RE: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
It did??? And I missed it???

Actually, Carol, it's quite simple. As you know, time is relative. Amos, traveling at nearly the speed of light, has his "time" slow relative to yours. Of course, time (i.e., duration) actually neithers slows down or speeds up, but it seems like it to those involved. Thus, Amos is living "faster" than you are, partly because he lives in California and, as you also know, California is, like, its own thing, ya know? Anyway, because Amos is one fast dude, he thinks that he claimed the 4,000th post -- and, to him, he did. You also have the 4,000th post, because while Amos is moving at nearly the speed of light you aren't, so postings, like time, moves more "slowly" for you. This causes paradoxes, or seeming paradoxes, which have been addressed by Dr. Peter Zoller-Greer and as Kawai demonstrated in 1994, Poincaré gauge theory of (2+1)-dimensional gravity is developed. Of course, fundamental gravitational field variables are dreibein fields and Lorentz gauge potentials, and the theory is underlain with the Riemann-Cartan space-time. The most general gravitational Lagrangian density, which is at most quadratic in curvature and torsion tensors and invariant under local Lorentz transformations and under general coordinate transformations, is given. Gravitational field equations are studied in detail, and solutions of the equations for weak gravitational fields are examined for the case with a static, "spin" less point like source. We find, among other things, the following. (1) Solutions of the vacuum Einstein equation satisfy gravitational field equations in the vacuum in this theory. (2) For a class of the parameters in the gravitational Lagrangian density, the torsion is "frozen" at the place where "spin" density of the source field is not vanishing. In this case, the field equation actually agrees with the Einstein equation, when the source field is "spin" less. (3) A teleparallel theory (developed in a previous paper) is "included as a solution" in a limiting case. (4) A Newtonian limit is obtainable if the parameters in the Lagrangian density satisfy certain conditions.

Thus, both you and Amos have posted the 4,000th post! BWL might also make the 4,000th post, and LH has passed it and is working on post 4,021.

Idaho being the conservative place it is, I won't reach it until sometime in the "year" 2015.

I certainly hope all is clear now. If it isn't, let me know and I'll try to clarify it.