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Posted By: John Hardly
25-Jul-04 - 11:14 PM
Thread Name: Thin-neck guitars -- recommendations?
Subject: RE: Thin-neck guitars -- recommendations?
Well, like peter, I too had heard that wider necks are often easier for shorter fingers to play cleanly. Has to do with angle of attack -- shorter fingers can't as easily come up an over -- they usually come across, thus the spacing allows for cleaner play.

But, like Don, my initial first thought was a Guild. Those Fs are comrotable in so many ways.

And, like Rick, who from the grave advised that a guitar can be modified -- even if not as drastic as a neck shave -- the "action" of a guitar is not a permanent condition. I would never buy a guitar for it's action -- it's not a shoe size. Action is a temporary, correctable condition. rejecting a guitar because of its action would be like saying you're not going to buy hamburger from the grocery store because it's not yet cooked.

And I agree -- mandolin is not a solution for arthritic hands. It's hell on arthritic hands.