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26-Jul-04 - 09:15 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Ten Wee Women? / Ten Wee Wimmin
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Ten Wee Women
This is what I know about the song so far in my delving:
   I did the same websearches and could not find the text either.
   The attribution to Douglas Kynoch comes not from Tommy Makem, but from a Danish website I found:   
which lists the song as by Kynoch.
   Tommy said nothing about the song except that he supposed it must be his current favorite, as he had woken up every morning for a year with it in his head. I sympathize! It's killingly catchy and very funny.
   The song has to do with a group of ten wee women waiting hopelessly for a Number 42 bus in, I believe, Aberdeen???, Scotland (No, not Maryland.) It goes roughly like so:

Ten wee women, standin' in a queue (2)
And if one wee women tries to stop a forty-two,
There'll be nine wee women standin' in a queue.

Nine wee women standin' in a queue...

So, you see, it's a countdown song. As the bus goes on endlessly not arriving, the women have various reasons for giving up and leaving the bus stop. Such as:

If one wee woman says I've left a pot of stew...
If one wee woman turns an awful shade of blue...
If one wee woman says I think I've got the flu...

You begin to see the drift. At the end the last wee woman leaves the queue, and the final verse is:

No wee women standin' in a queue (2)
Along came seven buses, every one a forty-two,
But there were no wee women standin' in a queue.

To have remembered that much from a single hearing shows you just how brain-grabbing this song is. It deserves to be on everyone's lips! No, wait, the world would go mad.....

Melody is itchily familiar yet I can't place it. In the C scale it goes like so:
C C C E, D C D E C
E E E G, F E F G E
C C / A A G E E E D E D C .A
.G .A / C C C E, D C D E C
Surely this will ring a bell with somebody? It's on the tip of my brain.......