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Posted By: GUEST,MMario
27-Jul-04 - 10:39 AM
Thread Name: Song Challenge: Ship in Limbo!
Subject: RE: SONG CHALLENGE: Ship in Limbo!
It's a start at least...

High and Dry aboard the Shamrock (Stealing charley's suggestion)

The 'shamrock' sat in harbour
an' it sure was "growin' old"
the bank that held the mortgage
said we never could unload
But the owners didn't want to pay
(for they didn't have the gold)
so we'll have to drink the whisky
that's filling up the hold!

We are the best of cadets
That the 'Shamrock's ever seen
We hale from Mighty Canada
the fairest land that's ever been
We asked our Newfie skipper
"Please sir, May we go home?"
Or else we'll drink the whisky
that's filling up the hold!"

Then the captain asked the Sheriff
If the cadets could debark
The lads, I fear, are getting bored
a-sitting here at the dock
For the owners they will have my head
and the bank will scream and scold
should my cadets drink the whisky
that's filling up the hold.

Then the sheriff to the judge he went
a decision for to get
He didn't want to be the cause
of drunken under-age cadets
A ruling please, your Honor
May we send the cadets home?
Or else they'll drink the whiskey
that's filling up the hold!