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Posted By: Flash Company
28-Jul-04 - 07:06 AM
Thread Name: Song Challenge: Ship in Limbo!
Subject: RE: SONG CHALLENGE: Ship in Limbo!
It was Friday morn In Portland-by-the-sea,
With our ship standing hard by the land.
When our Captain he spied a Sheriff coming up,
With a big arrest warrant in his hand>

Now the raging seas may roll,
And the stormy winds may blow,
But we must stay anchored in Portland-by-the-sea
While our Whisky is fermenting down below, below, below
While our whisky is fermenting down below!

Then up spoke the Captain of our gallant ship,
And a fine spoken man was he,
This pesky landlubber has told me of our doom,
And I fear we will never put to sea!


Then up spoke the Mate of our gallant ship
And a wily Sea lawyer was he,
Said he 'We must cable our owners off in France,
And tell them we'll drink all their Whisky!'


Then up spoke the Cook of our gallant ship,
And a crazy old Chef was he,
He said ' It works out at one container each,
And I fear that it's too much for me!


The up spoke the Cadets of our gallant ship,
The two wildest Cannucks in sight,
They just said, 'HIC!, we're feeling a bit sick,
A brandy might just put us right!'


Now there ain't any whisky on our gallant ship
And the Cadets have passed out on the bed,
And the Bank and the Owner can argue all they like,
And the Sheriff can go and boil his head!

And the raging seas can roll,
And the storm winds blow again,
And our ship can stay anchored in Portland-by-the-sea
'Cos we're all going home on the train, the train, the train,
'Cos we're all going home on the train.

Tune, of course 'The Mermaid'

Enjoyed writing that one!