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Posted By: Little Hawk
29-Jul-04 - 12:50 PM
Thread Name: BS: Vladimir the Inhaler; Vampire Villain
Subject: RE: BS: Vladimir the Inhaler; Vampire Villain
Chongo's ears pricked up (as much as a chimp's ears can prick up) and his nostrils flared. He had faintly heard a strange, ululating cry, a cry vaguely reminiscent of a baboon with his privates caught on a barbed wire fence...which had been known to happen the odd time, actually, around poorly-guarded enclosures containing ripe fruit.

Strange. What would a fruit-stealing baboon be doing in the hotel? Then Chongo realized that it couldn't possibly be a baboon. Not here. It was the cry of a human throat...well, semi-human anyway. It was time for action! Chongo pulled down his fedora, clenched his jaw hard, and headed for the stairs. He didn't have time to stand around waiting for elevators.