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30-Jul-04 - 01:21 AM
Thread Name: BS: Vladimir the Inhaler; Vampire Villain
Subject: RE: BS: Vladimir the Inhaler; Vampire Villain
Nigel, the bellhop, looked at Reggie. You want ME to go up there and check out the scene? No way!

As they stood there arguing, there was a thundering of footsteps.. past them in a rush went:

1 One chimpanzee in a trench coat and fedora

2 two short round women wearing flowing hippie clothes

3 A tall, elegant man with long brown curly hair, carrying a copy of "Zen and the Art of Huna"

4 Someone who looked like Johnny Cash, racing up the stairs wearing a few accoutrements including socks with sandals

5 A crowd of bohemians recently emerged from the Black Lion, one shouting into his mobile phone, including, jennieG, Leadfingers, Micca, Magenta, Col K, Morticia, Pixie, Rhymin' Simon, Liz the Squeak, Manitas, Kendall, Jacqui C, Ellenpoly (wearing sunglasses) Rosie, and a number of others, including someone who was swearing a lot and making a lot of noise about weiner dogs.

The stairwell trembled as they all charged upstairs, many shouting, while some in the back row were singing "Mary Ellen Carter"....