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Posted By: M. Ted (inactive)
14-Oct-99 - 12:16 AM
Thread Name: Three-chord songs
Subject: RE: Three-chord songs
For you people who are keeping track--Gargoyle's music theory is not quite all there-- the added notes are generally called "accidentals"-the dimished and augmented question really has to do with harmonic intervals--if you took all the G's in a key of C melody and changed them to G#, that would be augmenting them, if you changed them to Gb, that would be diminished--If you just add a Gb in between an F and a G, it is an accidental (even if you meant to do it)--

If you plan on adding "accidental" notes to your scales, be aware that if the added note is on an accented beat, it will sound like you need to change chords--same is true if you add the accidental at the end of a melodic phrase--

If you know a little bit of music theory, you can figure out what those chords should be relatively painlessly--if you don't, you can use trial and error--