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Posted By: Escamillo
14-Oct-99 - 02:07 AM
Thread Name: Patronising jokes about Americans
Subject: RE: Patronising jokes about Americans
I can't contribute with North American humor, but here in the South, we suffer Spanish and French jokes about Argentinians, which describe very well some aspects of our idiosyncrasy, for example:
- What is an Argentinian ? A man who, with one hand indicates the Universe to you, and with the other hand touches your wife's butt.

- What is an Argentinian doing alone at the top of the Eiffel Tower ? - He is looking how Paris looks like, without him.

- What do Argentinians descend from ? - They descend from planes, from ships, from trains, from .. uff

- Once in a police contest, there were the American Police, the British, and the Argentinians. A rabbit was freed, and after an hour the policemen should bring the rabbit. The Americans caught the rabbit in 5 minutes, as soon as the satellite detected it, and a fleet of helicopters did the job. Then came the British with the rabbit in 15 minutes, because they movilized a huge apparatus of higly trained forces who caught the rabbit while running. An hour passed, then two. After SIX hours the Argentinians came in, carrying a pig, injured, bleeding, and shouting "I AM A RABBIT !!! I AM A RABBIIIIITT!!!"

Yours, Andrés Magré