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Posted By: Q (Frank Staplin)
02-Aug-04 - 04:14 PM
Thread Name: Origins: Jesse James I
Subject: ADD: Jesse James / Jessee James
Jesse James was one of his names
Another it was Howard
He robbed the rich of every stitch.
You bet he was no coward.

His mother she was elderly
His father was a preacher
Though some do say, I can't gainsay,
His mother was his teacher.

Her strong right arm, it came to harm
Detectives blew it off, sir,
And killed her son, the youngest one.
No wonder such she'd scoff, sir.

My Jesse dear, your mother here
Has taught more than she ought ter,
For Robert Ford, I pledge my word
Has marked you for his slaughter.

For robbing trains Bob had no brains
Unless Jess plainly showed him.
Our governor for peace or war
Explained this for to goad him.

So Robert Ford, he scratched his gourd
And then he said, "I'll go you,
Give me a price that's something nice,
And then by gee I'll show you!"

Then Governor C. he laughed with glee
And fixed a price to suit him.
And Bob agreed with ready speed,
To find Jesse James and shoot him.

And then he did as he was bid
And shot Jess in the back, sir,
Then ran away on that same day,
For cash he did not lack, sir.

He did his best to live out west,
But no one was his friend there.
"You've killed your cousin," they went buzzin',
However free he'd spend there.

And then one day, the papers say,
Bob Ford got his rewarding:
A cowboy drunk, his heart did plunk.
As you do you'll get according.

Sung by Kris Kristopherson. Origin?
Jessee James
Fit to the usual Jesse James tune. Seems to have some mistakes. Anyone know it?
See Jesse James III