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Posted By: Bert
14-Oct-99 - 03:46 PM
Thread Name: Patronising jokes about Americans
Subject: RE: Patronising jokes about Americans
Those who criticize McDonalds had never been to a Wimpy Bar in England in the Seventies. The meat in their burgers was 2 inches diameter about 1/8th. of an inch thick and tasted like cardboard.

And why worry about sports, Marki? Just play or watch (or not) whatever you like. I like to watch an occasional game of soccer on TV, gives me an excuse to relax for 90 minutes and drink a few beers.

The ultimate spectator sport is Australian rules football but we don't see very much of it over here. And I do hear that some people watch golf on TV, Yikes!!! How thrilling!

Let's get back to the jokes. 'Cleese! slow and simple indeed! I'll get you for that ;-)

I did hear of this Texan who went to Ireland. He was watching Paddy harvest his spuds. He says "You call them potatoes! why in Texas we have potatoes three times that size.
Paddy replies "To be sure, we all grow them to fit our mouths"

I told that one once, to a Texan with an Irish background. Poor guy didn't know whether to laugh or be annoyed.