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Posted By: lamarca
14-Oct-99 - 04:09 PM
Thread Name: No Joke: Mudcat Under Attack
Subject: RE: No Joke: Mudcat Under Attack
Sorry, folks, but NMPA is indeed a real organization, and constitutes a real threat to our Mudcat! Here is the Website for NMPA and a Press release about their recent licensing agreement with AOL. Sounds like they're trying to exert more control over Web publication of members' copyrighted songs. Also, a search on "NMPA" came up with this depressing precedent involving "educational use" of copyrighted material...

I think copyright search and permissions and stuff is a pretty arcane aspect of the law that needs to be done everytime a film or video or radio is released with a soundtrack, and we can't expect Max to foot the bill for the lawyers to help the DT with this. Let's all send our contributions for stuff like filing with ASCAP and for a 501C3 tax exemption, but also start asking around for friendly lawyers familiar with copyright law who might be willing to help out pro bono...