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Posted By: Roberto
05-Aug-04 - 10:54 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Glasgow Peggy / Glasgow Peggie
Subject: Lyr Add: GLASGOW PEGGIE (from Ewan MacColl)
Here is the song as sung by Ewan MacColl. On Saturday I'll try to listen to Andy M. Stewart's. Roberto

Ewan MacColl, on The English and Scottish Popular Ballads (The Child Ballads), sung by Ewan MacColl and A. L. Lloyd, Volume 3, Washington 717

Hielan' lads are young and braw
Hielan' lads are young and merry
And I'll awa' tae Glesca toon
To steal awa' my bonnie Peggy

Her faither he's got word o' this
And, O, but he was wondrous angry –
Ye may tak' my owsen and a' my kye
But leave to me my bonnie Peggy

Ye can keep your owsen and a' your kye
For I ha'e cows and ewes already
I'll no' tak' your owsen and a' your kye
But I'll steal awa' your bonnie Peggie

He's mounted on his milk white steed
And she is on his wee grey naigie
And they hae rid tae the brake o' day
And he has ta'en awa' the bonnie lassie

They rid ower hills and they rid ower dales
They rid through moors and mosses mony
Until they met wi' the Earl o' Hume
A-ridin' wi' his young son Johnnie

Then oot and spak' the Earl o' Hume
And, O, but he was wondrous sorry -
The bonniest lass in Glesca toon
And she's awa' wi' a hielan' laddie

They rode on through moss and moors
Through bog and up through mountains mony
Until they cam' to yonder glen
And she's lain doon wi' her hielan' laddie

Her bed was o' the gweed green grass
Their blankets o' the brackens bonnie
Wi' her tartan plaid beneath her heid
And she's lain doon wi' her hielan' laddie

There are blankets and sheets in my faither's hoose
Sheets and blankets a' made ready
And wouldna he be angry at me
For lyin' doon wi' a highland laddie!

He's ta'en her up yon high, high hill
When that the sun was shinin' clearly
Says – A' that ye see belongs to thee
For lying doon wi' a hielan' laddie

A' that ye ha'e left behind
Was a wee cot-hoose and a wee kail-yairdie
But noo you're the lady o' a' my lands
For lyin' doon wi' a highlan' laddie