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Posted By: Richard Bridge
06-Aug-04 - 07:10 AM
Thread Name: Lignatone Czechoslovakian antique guitar
Subject: Lignatone Czechoslovakian antique guitar
I have searched here for "Lignatone" - nothing found.

On the internet they seem on a quick google to have made lots of musical instruments, but there is very little on the guitars - just a couple of engines come up with variants of my thread title as ready-made searches. Since I only searched for "Lignatone" that indicates that at some stage a few people have tried to find such guitars. Maybe.

Now I have a friend who thinks I may know something about guitars, and he bought at a boot fair a Lignatone guitar. It looks like a classical, with a solid top, ladder or fan strutted, 15" across the lower bout, slotted head, usual fixed classical bridge, no sign of a truss rod.

But, he says, ordinary classical strings are too short to go on it properly, and those he can get on "do not sound right".

Sure beats me.

What do we think we have here? Is there a place I might find out more?