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07-Aug-04 - 02:27 PM
Thread Name: book: Songs of the Michigan Lumberjacks (E.C.Beck)
Subject: Add: On Meesh-e-gan (Part)
I note the dialect song "On Meesh-e-gan" is listed in the Contents of Songs of the Michigan Lumberjacks.

Would this be the song quoted by SF author Gordon Dickson in his story "The Immortal?" (or did he write it?—sounds likely traditional) He includes the following two and a half verses:

Come all you beeg Canada men,
Who want find work on Meesheegan,
Dere's beeg log drive all troo our lan'
You sure fin' work on Meesheegan,

When you come drive de beeg saw log
You got to jump jus' lak de frog!
De foreman come, he say go sak,
You got in de watair all over your back.

Praps you work on drive, tree-four day,
You find dat drive dat she don't pay...

He also quotes a single verse of another dialect song:

Frainchman, he don't lak to die in de fall!
When de mairsh she am so full of de game!
An de leetle gool-frog, he's roll veree fat,
An de leetle moosh-rat, he's just de same!