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Posted By: Peace
09-Aug-04 - 12:57 PM
Thread Name: BS: Buy a flag, fly a flag, or go to jail!
Subject: RE: BS: Buy a flag, fly a flag, or go to jail!
Alberta has returned to that also. Our school division has mandated that each classroom have a flag which students must face as the National Anthem is played over the intercom. We also have a daily reading of the Lord's Prayer--but I AM in a Catholic school.

The only part of SRS's post with which I disagree, and it's not major, is this: The study of Wing Chun (a martial art) has taught me that to make a 'move' my own I have to repeat it about 5,000 times. Then, in a combined defense/offense strike, it is 'automatic', and therefore faster. I think the same can be said of facing flags and hearing anthems and repeating prayers. Indoctrination does work for most, and then when countries or religions call for the unquestioning support of their adherents, they get it like right now. "Though this be madness, there is method in it."

I would give my life for this country and its people, but before I have to do that I will fight every stupid, ill-considered policy with all the might I can muster. Because, to me, that is what a patriot SHOULD do.

Bruce M