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Posted By: Nick
09-Aug-04 - 03:15 PM
Thread Name: Thin-neck guitars -- recommendations?
Subject: RE: Thin-neck guitars -- recommendations?
Different price range to much of what has been mentioned above but...

I recently changed from playing a 30 year old Yamaha FG180 which had a neck that suited me. Tried various guitars which felt huge in my small left hand (my middle finger of left hand is about 3 3/8" from tip to palm). A friend lent me a Washburn which felt enormous, and I tried a number of Yamahas, a Martin 000M (I think) and others.

In the end I bought a Tanglewood TW28ST-Y which I was told was apparently one of 250 hand finished ones (could be salesman BS but don't think so - I can't however find info about the particular style on Tanglewood site or on internet). I have a friend who has a different model (a TW15ST) which feels totally different in my hand.

Mostly I bought it because I liked the feel of the neck in my hand - if anything it feels more like my electric guitar. Though it's measurements are not that different from the Yamaha it feels thinner. Both of them are about 5" across the fingerboard and round the back of the neck at the 7th fret if that makes sense - if anything the new one is perhaps slightly smaller (1/4"?).

Measurements -

Tanglewood TW28ST - Y

1 1st <7/8"
7th 7/8"         "
14th Unable to measure

2 1st 1 11/16"
7th 1 15/16"
14th 2 1/8"

3 25 3/4" nut to bridge

4 1 3/8"
2 1/8"

5 Unsure how to measure it!

6 Difficult to be precise 3/32" at 1st
                         3/16" at 12th
Light to medium strings

7 No preference

Yamaha FG180 by comparison

1 7/8" 1"
2 1 3/4"   1 7/8"    2"
3 25 1/4"
4 1 3/8"    1 15/16"
5 -
6 3/32" 9/32"
7 -

Strange to find out that the Yamaha was actually narrower and the strings closer together! The new one, however, feels smaller in my hand and is easier to play though I always found the old guitar had a very easy action and was little effort to play. The Yamaha has never been tinkered with and has kept it's neck pretty straight over the time I've had it.

The Martin I played was nice to the feel and had a nice sound but the additional hundreds of pounds were an off put!