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Posted By: Nerd
10-Aug-04 - 03:36 PM
Thread Name: BS: Buy a flag, fly a flag, or go to jail!
Subject: RE: BS: Buy a flag, fly a flag, or go to jail!
Well, artbrooks, it does, but it says that the general administrator of a government department can mandate minor adjustments. It does not give that power to the legislature, but keeps it in the executive branch. I don't think adjusting 1.9:1 to 3:2 can be considered a MINOR adjustment, nor do I think the legislature would have the power to mandate it if it WERE plausibly considered minor.

One of the problems is that this EO seems only to apply to actual offices of the government, which schools are not. If it IS extended to schools, it seems from this order that, before allowing other sizes, the secretary of education, or at least someone in the state department of education, would have to authorize the adjustment. Perhaps that has already been done for Florida schools prior to this legislation.