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Posted By: M.Ted
11-Aug-04 - 08:31 PM
Thread Name: Chords Req: A Year to Go By (Phil Ochs)
Subject: RE: Chord Req: phil ochs- a year to go by
Here are the chords, blocked out so you can play four counts to the measure--the first few times through, he is a bit unsure as to what chords to play on a tag that follows each verse, but he seems to settle on what I've put down (which is a lot like a vamp from the Everly Bros version of "Devoted to You"--

He plays an intro, which is simply the first two chords in the song, then starts the chord progression and begins singing on the F#m--I think that he really meant for the lyrics to start on the D, but was a bit behind because he was just walking through the tune--

|D D/ F#m F#m|
||D D/ F#m F#m/D D/ F#m F#m/
D D/ Bm Bm/ Em Em /A7 A7/
GG/ F#m F#m/GG/ F#m F#m/
D D /Bm Bm//Em Em/A7 a7/
||G G /F#m F#m/Em Em/A7 A7|

Here is the first verse, with the chords, to give an idea how it fits--

||D D/ F#m F#m/
Here I am
D D/ F#m F#m/
10 years have I
D D/          Bm      Bm    / Em Em                / A7 A7/
Watch me run, watch me play, watch me cry
GG/ F#m F#m/
Time has no time
GG/ F#m F#m/
The world is mine
D D /Bm Bm//Em Em/A7 a7/
And it takes 10 years for a year to go by

||G G /F#m F#m/Em Em/A7 A7|

The TAG comes after the A7, and at the end of the last verse, he sings the last lines while playing the TAG, finally resolving it to a D chord--

Have fun--