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Posted By: BK
16-Oct-99 - 11:40 AM
Thread Name: Origin: Waltzing with Bears
Subject: RE: Waltzing with Bears, again, sorry.......
We have had many kids - up to early teens - frequently request it at the yearly festival we play. Even when we haven't played since last year...They remembered & enjoyed. In fact, in general I think there's lots of hope for kids to get interested in "folk-style" (whatever that is - clearly "non-comercial") songs, & songs like WWB help to engender the interest. Just because many adults say they're sick of it, (& many are not at all sick of it), doesn't mean it's w/out merit or appeal.

At a family gathering this fall, I had the Baby Taylor (fun to plunk around with, for picnics & such, but not an on-stage sort of instrument) & was pleasantly shocked to realize teenage boys listened attentivly through through songs such as Eric Bogle's "Green Fields Of France" (as I know it; aka "No Man's land," "Flowers Of The Forest," etc..). I was actually off to the side waiting for the food to be ready, just putzing & didn't relize they were listening at all. Would'nt have chosen that song, in particular, for 14 yr olds, but I guess I was wrong.. Once agin.. don't make negative assumptions. (Someday I'll learn!)

So; sing songs you enjoy & have meaning for you - whatever they may be, & positive things can happen.

Cheers, BK