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Posted By: JohnInKansas
14-Aug-04 - 01:52 AM
Thread Name: Winfield (WVA) Festival 2004
Subject: RE: Winfield (WVA) Festival 2004
Louie -

I'd guess the Elkin area you were in was probably the one in Kentucky, although there's another in West Virginia, and even one in Texas. I can't say there's not one in Kansas, but my old CD map can't find one. If it's the Kentucky one, it's a good hard day's drive straight west (840 miles) to Winfield, Kansas. If it's the West Virginia one, add another 300 miles. Either place would be real Hill-Billy country.

Wichita, Kansas, where I live, is just about where the really flat part of Kansas starts - goes on west. East of there, we have some real hills - some 20 or 30 feet high even. (Or maybe I'm exaggerating.) Winfield is about 40 miles southeast from Wichita. Normal Winfield population is in the 20 - 30 thousand range, depending on whether you count the kids at the college. Normal attendance at the WVA festival is in the 20,000 range, and has hit about 26,000 a couple of times, so the festival is a little like a "spring break for old people." It does sort of overwhelm the town.

I go for the campground picking. It's been a few years since I bothered with the stage shows, although there are some really good ones. The last one (or two) I remember going to featured some guy called "Art Thieme." Sure wish he could come back; but we'll have to make do with a few CDs, I guess.