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Posted By: j0_77
17-Oct-99 - 04:28 AM
Thread Name: BIOS Virus nasty but it can be squished!
Subject: RE: BIOS Virus nasty but it can be squished!
Actually gargoyle - worse than that if it succeeds in garbling a Flash type Bios the motherboard is scrap!! 100 to 250 bucks worth.

Since it is deliberate and designed to hurt innocent people I do not praise it no matter how clever the creator.

At this time there is no antivirus image if it as far as I know - it is hot off the idiot press. So running a Virus Protection program is no help. Keep a watch on reboot type lockups and watch for the tell tale signs.

Another option disable cookies, disable java and delete all temp folders - that one can be automated to run every 20 seconds or less if you are really worried.

Just comming to Mudcat would not be a risk but surfing would.