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Posted By: JohnInKansas
14-Aug-04 - 09:43 PM
Thread Name: Winfield (WVA) Festival 2004
Subject: RE: Winfield (WVA) Festival 2004
Art -

I don't have to say you're missed at WVA. We're trying to learn some of your songs, but we usually end up laughing before we can finish one. (Everybody remembers the punch lines – it's the rest of them that our guys can't get right.)

I don't know whether the WVA office sells the past year T-shirts, although I know a couple of the office staff had some of the new "Volunteer" shirts on about a week ago when we were down. A link to their web site is in the first post, but given it's rather amateur format it's kind of hard to find the real useful stuff there. The vendors that they hire to sell shirts at the festival often have a few from prior years, depending on whether they've changed vendors again, but I don't have any I.D. info on the recent vendors. The WVA office might be able to steer you to one of them.

Since they're a commercial enterprise, I'm sure WVA won't mind having their phone number posted (it is on their website):

Walnut Valley Association,
PO Box 245,
Winfield KS 67156.

(They used to open a "Wichita" line, around festival time at 316-221-3250, but it wasn't up the last time we tried.) I'd think they should have an "800" number, but we're local enough not to have needed it, so I haven't researched the problem.