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Posted By: GUEST,Jack Hickman
19-Aug-04 - 03:53 PM
Thread Name: Bodhran Questions
Subject: RE: Bodhran Questions

Re your question about painting the head of a bodhran, I would suggest that if you're serious about playing, forget about the decoration. If you're only interested in hanging the drum on the wall for decoration, then by all means plaster it with whatever designs suit your fancy.

There's currently a well-known bodhran maker in Ireland, whose name shall go unmentioned, who has made a fortune selling second rate bodhrans to 3rd generation Irish American visitors to Ireland who want to bring home something "authentically" Irish, and they usually are adorned with someone's version of a family crest or other design.
The only appropriate place for these is on the living room wall.

The "sticks" to which you refer are properly referred to as tippers, or in Irish, cipin (with a fada over the second "i". As you become more accomplished, you will gravitate to your own personal preference as to length, weight, etc. of the tipper. In recent years, many different designs have come into use. One of the more popular is made from a quantity of wooden barbecue skewers of the proper length, bound together. It makes an interesting sound, and can add an interesting touch to some types of tunes.

By the way, as well as the "fada" on the second "i" of cipin, the "a" in bodhran should also contain a fada, but the text function of this site has its limitations. Your handle "Irish Sergeant" would suggest you know what a fada is.

Check out the following, one of many pertinent sites:

Lots of luck with your drumming.

Jack Hickman