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Posted By: Mr Red
19-Aug-04 - 05:55 PM
Thread Name: Bodhran Questions
Subject: RE: Bodhran Questions
Well now - there are a lot of people who will tell you how to play but if you ain't comfortable it will be a huge learning curve. Find your own methodology.

Holding the beater is a prime example. I hold it between the index and next finger and rely on a feature mid-stick (I have 'e made speacialy) which precludes triples by and large. But I have a tutor book (never read it after I had a drum) which shows a person holding it with the ball-end in the palm and the stick coming out between the middle two fingers (between the top two knuckles). Er... I could go on but there are as many ways to hold the things as there are drummers.

If I was in advice mode I would say first and formost - watch the volume - no matter how enthusiastic you get - you can't judge your own intrusiveness. We all go through that phase - watch for the signs from others!

Oh and the beats you miss are as important as the ones you hit - it makes it more interesting.