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Posted By: GUEST,Andre Lafargue
19-Aug-04 - 09:20 PM
Thread Name: Song Challenge: Ship in Limbo!
Subject: RE: SONG CHALLENGE: Ship in Limbo!

Can you do me a favour?

I am from the FRENCH ISLANDS of St Pierre et Miquelon - ( where you guys got your booze during the Prohibition!!)

I am running another Forum in French where we follow the whole story behind this "International Intrigue"... because the boat that's impounded in your harbour belongs to a company from St Pierre - ( I guess it carries the tradition of bringing you the booze!! ha!) Well It did until it got in MEGA trouble with not paying debts... anyway

News out of Portland are pretty hard for us to get and to verify...

The latest we have on this is that the judge is supposed to make a decision next week on whether the boat can be sold or not - but it's not really verified...

Do you have any connections among the journalists of teh PORTLAND HERALD PRESS? Could you find out for us EXACTLY what is the situation with this SHIP?

Like : is it ACTUALLY FOR SALE NOW? or Are there still some legal ramblings that must be worked out? If so WHAT and WHEN DO THEY EXPECT A DECISON TO BE MADE?

Thx man!

Love them songs!