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Posted By: GUEST,Boab
20-Aug-04 - 04:12 AM
Thread Name: Bodhran Questions
Subject: RE: Bodhran Questions
Hi, Irish Sergeant---welcome to the bodhran bunch!You have been the recipient of much good advice above, and I can't add much to it. Bundled meat skewers were mentioned as being useful for certain applications. I find specific use for them in bluegrass tunes, and also an effective rhythm accompaniment for some three-four waltz melodies. The two cipins you describe are similar to a couple in my 'collection'. I find the "knob-end" one very suitable for straight playing--jigs, reels, polkas, etc---and the parallel "dowel" type conveniently designed for some adventurous rim-shots.Don't try any rim stuff during "jams" till you are WELL practised, though! Enjoy your drum---and remember one thing above all else, whether or not you are in time a real hotshot----know when NOT to play!