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Posted By: Jon Freeman
18-Oct-99 - 12:39 PM
Thread Name: Lyr ADD: Home, Boys, Home (from The Dubliners)
Subject: Lyr Add: HOME, BOYS, HOME (from Clancy Brothers)
George, the song is in the database but there are quite a few differences between that version and the Dubliners version.

I think that the version I have use came from the Clancey Brothers (I've probably chaged it a bit over the years though with my memory) and it is different again but they all tell the same tale.

They was a young apprentice lived in Strawberry Lane,
Loved by her master and her misteress the same
But when a young sialor came a sailing from the sea
That was the begining of her misery

And it's home boys home
Home I'd like to be
Home for a while in my own country
Where the oak and the ash and the bonny ivy tree
Are all a growin green in my own country

Now this young apprentice, she thought it was no harm
To jump into bed just to keep his back warm
He hugged her and he kissed her and he called her his dear
And she said she hoped that night would last as long as a year

Early net morning the sailor he arose
An into her apron he put handfuls of gold
Saying "take this my darling for the mischief that I've done
Last night I might have left you with a daughter or a son

So if it be a girl child dangle 'er on you knee
And if it be a boy child, name him after me
And when he is a man you can dress him up in blue
And he'll go skipping up the rigging like his daddy used to do.