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Posted By: Peter K (Fionn)
20-Aug-04 - 11:57 AM
Thread Name: BS: What to do about obnoxious MC members?
Subject: RE: BS: What to do about obnoxious MC members?
I haven't seen much in the way of Mudcat wars, but agree that an increasing proportion of content is sheer drivel - much of it indeed Brit driven (along the lines of what's going to happen next in someone's favourite soap). The Shatner and Cletis stuff I can live without (and fear not, LH, I don't think many mudcatters would put your humour up there with Spaw's), and I share Joe Offer's aversion to the hugs and prayers threads.

A lot can be ignored,but a lot can't because it is intertwined parasitically with useful content. For instance threads about Mudcat gatherings contain essential details for those planning to attend, yet are frequently over-run by inane chit-chat which at best amounts to private natter between people who know each other, and which has the effect of making others feel excluded.

I considered inviting some serious musicians to the last "Loughstock" gathering, but knew that if I referred them to the relevant thread I would be exposing Mudcat at its most puerile.