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Posted By: sophocleese
18-Oct-99 - 03:12 PM
Thread Name: Little girl's song from movie;The Piano?
Subject: RE: Little girl's song from movie;The Piano?
Well imperfect as the memory is it still worked out. When Flora plays for her stepfather, she plays The Flow'rs of the Forest. The tune that my old book of Scottish Minstrelsy says is "The old melody of which the modern melody is the embellished extension." Words are by Miss Jane Elliot published about 1755. Flora sings the second verse;

At bughts in the mornin', nae blythe lads are scornin',
Lassies are lanely, an' dowie, an' wae;
Nae daffin', nae gabbin', but sighin' an' sabbin',
Ilk ane lifts her leglin', an hies her away.

It's a nice song, I'll try and learn it now. If I can get Harvey Keitel and his breathtaking nude scene out of my head.