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Posted By: katlaughing
18-Oct-99 - 03:42 PM
Thread Name: Little girl's song from movie;The Piano?
Subject: RE: Little girl's song from movie;The Piano?
Sopho, THAT'S IT!! Thank you, thank you! Any chance, when your head unclogs, that you might send the tune by MediaRing's VoizMail? If so, I'll send you my email addy. If you don't have MediaRing, there are couple of threads on it, or, if you want to give me your email addy, I'll sned you a voice message through it, you'll be linked in and can download it. It is easy to use, if you use Internet Explorer. I haven't been able to get it to work for my sister who has Netscape.

I know what you mean about Harvey Keitel! Esp. with the tribal tattoos; he did a very, ummmmmm, yummy, and sensuous, like Mian said, & luscious job of wooing Hunter. And, yea, guys, she looked really nice, too, except for that hairdo. What ever made society think that was an attractive way to do up long hair?

Curious thing: on BBC America, the *good* parts always get blotted out by a blue hazy dot; I KNOW it's not the BBc doing it. Then, same cable company, they show the full monty with Keitel, no blue dot, nothing. Wonder who makes such decisions.

Ah, well, thanks a bunch, ladies. You've made my day!