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Posted By: Peter T.
18-Oct-99 - 03:50 PM
Thread Name: Rick Fielding's Upcoming New CD
Subject: RE: Rick Fielding's New CD
Actually Joe, we cannot speak of the holy of holy at the heart of the Rickensian mysteries. That would mean instant death, or 2 weeks listening to Neil Diamond records, whichever comes first. I can say that before being allowed into the inner Kingston Road sanctum, one must wait outside for 3 years, with expectation rising, in wind, rain and snow. Following this, one is allowed to see the edge of one of R****'s fingerpicks, kept in a Mason jar in a shrine outside in Lady Duckboots garden. After a few more years have passed, and one has been tested, then the purification ceremony is carried out, including incense burners and extensive chanting. Having been clothed in white raiment, and following the sacrifice of a spotless heifer, one is allowed into the central chamber. There wonders are unfolded to one, such that caravans of acolytes from furthest Turkestan have never witnessed, and truths so shattering, that even to write of them here shudders the conscious mind. I can no more. I swoon.
yours in awe, Peter T.