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Posted By: Strollin' Johnny
22-Aug-04 - 12:04 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Starry Night
Subject: Lyr Add: ONE STARRY NIGHT
In fact here are the words given to me by Dave Fletcher (of Bill Whaley and ....) on the thread I satrted some time ago, together with Dave's comment re it being attributed to Sean:-

"You only have to ask - try if there's anything you can't decifer

One starry night as I lay sleeping
One starry night as I lay in bed
I dreamed I heared wagon wheels a-creakin
When I awoke my own love had fled

And it's many a mile with you I've travelled
Many's the hour love with you I've spent
I dreamed you were my love for ever
But now I find love that you were only lent

I'll search the highways and I'll search the byways
I'll search the boureens the camping places too
I will enquire of all our people
Have they tide or tidings or a sight of you

Oft times I'm drunk tonight I'm sober
A constant rover from town to town
And when I'm dead and my travelling's over
Molly Bawn a-storeean come lay me down

That's what I sing anyway but if you go back to the original you
may find that Sean sings slightly different words - he tells me that although it is credited to him it is in fact a traditional traveller's song"

That's Dave's post - sorry, don't know how to italicise or embolden in Mudcat.
SJ :0)