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Posted By: khandu
22-Aug-04 - 10:28 PM
Thread Name: BS: Help! Bed Squeaks
Subject: BS: Help! Bed Squeaks
It's not a buzz. It's a high pitch eeeeeeee. It's like the WD40 in the can is not grabbing the springs very well no matter how hard I bare down. And it's all springs. Short strokes, long strokes. Slow pokes, fast pokes, short pokes, long pokes. I've tried more oil, less oil, new springs, different boards. I'm thinking it's a dry air thing or a rail problem. Second guess is that the bed wants to be used more than once per week. Appreciate any help. I'm thinking about sending it to a celibate. It's a good German bed that naturally favors the sedate anyway, but this is ridiculous.