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Posted By: khandu
26-Aug-04 - 09:58 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Subject: The MASTERPIECE !!
Indeed, as I, khandu of the Etherial Kingdom of Mississippi, have taken unannounced leaves of absence from our Fair MOAB (or should that be "leaf of absences"?), the wonderfully well-bred Moabites have done exceedingly abundantly above my expectations! Yes, you are to be honored high above all non-Moabites! You have taken the humble glories of Bullshit to heights unimaginable, &, I believe, previously unattainable! Truly, you astound not only me, but all of creation!

          Your "Mother" is proud of you & your accomplishment!

          May I also express (as a "sidebar") my astonishment at one to whom, outside of Moab, I would refer as a "hated anonymous guest", but yet one who has proven his worthiness with his contributions of inspired Bullshit! The King thanks you, Unknown One!

          Onward, my Fellow Moabites, you who need no King! Onward to the Reeking Heights of Utter Bullshit & GLORY!!