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Posted By: McGrath of Harlow
27-Aug-04 - 09:28 PM
Thread Name: Sidmouth on BBC Four
Subject: RE: Sidmouth on BBC Four
Only saw the last half, because I was in late. But I'm looking forward to seeing it in full in the repeat. I couildn't dfuisagree more with that last comment from "GUEST, Nil Point".

From what I saw, I think it was quite remarkably good - I totally disgree with "I think they tried a bit too hard to capture the atmosphere of the festival to the detriment of the music". There were some lovely performances even in the half I saw - John McClusker was a knock-out, just for one - but I think what matters in a short programme like that is to give a feeling of the whole event, more especially with it being the 50th, and in grave danger of being the last.

True enough, there's the material there for a whole series of great concert programmes, but a one hour programme couldn't do anything significant in that way, and I think it succeeded extraordinarily well in getting aross what Sidmouth has been about, and why it matters.

And the reason I leap in here when I've only seen half the programme, rather than wait till I've had a chance to see the whole programme, is , I want to encourage anyone who can to make a point of getting to see the repeat, or get a mate to tape it for you.

It was streets better than the Cambridge one, in just about every respect - including the way the shots of the performances were done in an intelligent way, rather than having those random cuts between arbitrarily chosen close ups and distance shots that made such as nonsense of much of the Cambridge programmes.