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Posted By: Gray D
28-Aug-04 - 09:02 AM
Thread Name: Sidmouth on BBC Four
Subject: RE: Sidmouth on BBC Four
And what about the morris side that came on with the GOLD hankies at the anarchic, Sid Kipper compared show? I thought that was a great touch. How did that get left out of a golden anniversary film.

I liked the programme but the cutaways from the live performances, most of which I attended, were d@mned irritating. We sure didn't get the real impact of many of the performances. You didn't get any sense of the crowd reaction (they went mental) to Danu or Squiers'n'Boden, for example.

I shall refrain from comment on the guest who complained about the the uncut version of Kate Rusby singing "My Young Man" . . . other than to say "IDIOT".

Gray D