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Posted By: Davey
20-Oct-99 - 12:42 PM
Thread Name: I am humbled
Subject: I am humbled
Last evening I went home with a jumble of thoughts spinning in my head, triggered after having read the Thought For The Day -OCT 17th thread…

'Spaw, I felt your pain, and wanted to reach out and hug you.

I also felt the love of all your friends in the MC Café, as they rallied around, reached out and sent you their wishes and well expressed thoughts.

It occurs to me that someone capable of such deep loving as you show, and someone who can laugh and joke as easily as I have observed in some of your posts, is a person who is also going to feel deep pain as well because they have the capacity for feeling, and freely expressing, deep emotions.

Mine are locked inside by a lifetime of being a 'man', and I've been working to overcome that.

You are loved here, and I just want to say that I am amazed, envious, and humbled… You are someone who I would be proud to call friend.

This is not to exclude the rest of you Mudcatters, for I'm beginning to feel the same warmth, concern, caring and intelligence that clearly shows through your postings. This is indeed a Special community, and I'm honoured to be here.