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29-Aug-04 - 02:54 AM
Thread Name: Is there a real Sourwood Mtn & where?
Subject: RE: Is there a real Sourwood Mtn & where?
There's an extensive entry on this song at the Traditional Ballad Index:

Sourwood Mountain

DESCRIPTION: Dance tune with words; young man wants his true love, but she is coy. Versions often contain a variety of floating or spontaneous verses. First stanza may begin, "Chickens crowing on Sourwood Mountain...."
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: 1916 (Wyman-Brockway)
KEYWORDS: courting love rejection nonballad playparty
REFERENCES (13 citations):
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Notes: The Baptist church disapproved of dancing, but allowed playparties (dances with sung tunes instead of instrumental music) - PJS
It should be noted that this is primarily a fiddle tune; it's listed because it occasionally turns up with words. - RBW
File: R417

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