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Posted By: Skipjack K8
29-Aug-04 - 09:49 AM
Thread Name: I've heard Cara's new CD and you ain't
Subject: I've heard Cara's new CD and you ain't
Oaklet departed Ireland hotfoot with the wax cylinder of the new CD, came drekly round my gaff, and we put it on the gramophone and had a listen.

He omitted to tell me what it's called, or the names of the tracks, just claiming that it is one hour and six minutes of light entertainment, so we wound up the handle and let her go. One hour and six minutes later, Oak asked what I thought, and I, in all honesty, said 'IT IS REALLY NICE', and as literally tens of readers know, and know well, that is the highest accolade in the local reveiwing system.

I believe that it will be available in October, unless you are resident in the Western Isles, where you can get your ears round it on the wireless a fortnight earlier.

It is truly excellent, and some are saying the best yet. For my money, it is certainly as good as the previous three (yes, three! They don't talk about the Mason's Apron CD, but I like it, and treasure my copy) and they're all brill.