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Posted By: Rt Revd Sir jOhn from Hull
30-Aug-04 - 03:39 AM
Thread Name: I've heard Cara's new CD and you ain't
Subject: RE: I've heard Cara's new CD and you ain't
PS-i just eat some egg and chips, and to manny eggs, so made egg buttys, but left the pan on, so it went all smokey, smoky [how spell smoky then?
and set the alarms off, that will piss the neebours off!
i opened the door, to blow the smoke out, but it didnt go out, now my whole place stinks of egg smoke!
[and burnt fryingf pans!

fire alrarm took ages to stop, but it stopt now, it was going =beep beep beep beep, etc etc etv for ages, i was going to smash it, but its too high up, and i couldent reach it, [even standing on the chare!
i threw a tin of beans at it, but missed, i was lucky, if it broke, i would of hadf bean stains on the carpit, and a waste of good beans.

ps-i could of hit it with a brush, but i didbn't think of that idea at the time, [i meen a sweeping brush, not a little brush like a hare brush].

its stoppedd now anyway.john