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Posted By: Tweed
30-Aug-04 - 05:33 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Subject: RE: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Yes and beautimous accordeen. I wear it everywhar I go these past few days and habv taken to wropping it up in vizqueen so I may regale myself wif it's sweet tones while bathing in the branch. It iz so soothing and pleasant to hear and gibves me no little comfort in my obtherways dull and lackletter existent. O, how I wish I culd play while I sleep! Az it is, I have been awake and squeezing for the last four days and nites. The moon wabz full last eve and seemed to listen wif great intention to it's heabenly strains. Thar are two black keys broke off but it matters not to me. I habv thought out a way to replace them by laminating paint sticks together and sticking em on thar az a after market part.

I will be needing some NASCAR decals soon and may hit the stock car circuit to try my hand wif a little creative busking and mebbe will sponsor a car if all goes well!

The new neighbors seem to be okay wif all this and stand outside my window in herds shaking thar heads in time! I will try to bring it up to Floribama some obv these days for some jamming at the Pot-thrower's house az I am convinced thet Beedzahya haz a need for this sorta music and hope it will entrain him to give up a Martin or two in exchange for the pleasuer obv hearing this magical thing.

I soon will be in Mississippi to gain audience wif KHANDU WHO IS REALLY TWEED and hopefully get him to West Point for a blues festival to beat all blues fetes this weekend but will leave the squeezebox here on the great sandbar az KHANDU WHO IS REALLY TWEED iz, az we all know perty well, mad as a harper and capable obv anything while in agitation.

Yores mostruly,
kahnduwhoizreally Tweed