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Posted By: Midchuck
01-Sep-04 - 11:29 AM
Thread Name: Looking for a beautiful guitar
Subject: RE: Looking for a beautiful guitar
BW, I strongly suggest checking out some 12-fret slothead 000's. I have been accumulating them, because I also have trouble with handling a dread or larger, but want to make real noise. And the wider neck on most of them is less of a switch if you're playing classical guitar part of the time.

Martin 000-16SGT
Martin 000-28VS
Collings 0002H (or 0001A if you could find one)
Froggy Bottom H-12 (I just lucked onto a used one - My God!)

And here's some pictures of a real beauty that I'd go after if I have any more room.

Of course, I happen to be a fanatic on these instruments for the past year or two. It's a matter of personal fit and taste.