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Posted By: Strollin' Johnny
01-Sep-04 - 01:39 PM
Thread Name: Looking for a beautiful guitar
Subject: RE: Looking for a beautiful guitar
Mr. Sooz is right about Lowdens, but they have a very wide fingerboard which you may have a problem with if you have ulnar troubles BW. They are extremely L-O-U-D and have a really 'woody' sound. Can't agree with Mr. S. about the S-series, I find them rather 'toppy', loud but thin-sounding, very short on bass and I much prefer the 'O' models (which he and I both possess) and which have a nicer, rounder sound. (That statement will probably end up with a duel at the Drovers' Call - Pints of Guinness at ten paces! ROFL!).

If you need a narrower fingerboard, try a Martin 000, or an O000, or if you like the jumbo size body try a J-40 (that one's very balanced and sweet).

I guess a guitar's a personal thang, one guy will tell you one thing, another will tell you something else. They're both right of course, just that their ears differ. There's no definitive answer. Best bet is to allocate a day, or even several days, to go around good dealers and try lots of them until you find the one that your ears and eyes like the best. No-one to blame then but yourself!! LOL!

SJ :0)