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Posted By: MMario
21-Oct-99 - 10:01 AM
Thread Name: I am humbled
Subject: RE: I am humbled
A bit of thread creep, but as a man,no, as a PERSON(!) I OBJECT to the notion that somehow it is "un-natural" or "feminine" to be a nurturing, caring person and male. and yes, I take it personaly. Having helped rear two children in the household I live in, plus approximetly 443 others I have interacted with enough to feel some "claim" emotionally; watched my brothers with THEIR kids, and friends with theirs, DAMMIT! Men ARE nurturing, at least when they care enough to buck social mores a bit and express it. (For that matter, I've met more then a few women who are about as nurturing as rocks)

*putting soapbox away*