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Posted By: Grab
03-Sep-04 - 12:52 PM
Thread Name: Looking for a beautiful guitar
Subject: RE: Looking for a beautiful guitar
My money went on a Lowden O, for sound quality. For both sound quality and looks, I chose spruce-and-rosewood. Cedar-and-rosewood sounds nice but doesn't sound or look as good (IMO). But as someone above said, Lowdens are *large*.

From the guitars I've played, I don't rate "American build quality" in guitars, except maybe for Collings. I think Taylors tend to have a narrow neck and they look nice, but I don't like the sound of them.

If it's a chording-hand problem, could you not take your existing guitar to a good luthier and get the neck shaved down? Or get that done to whatever guitar you eventually choose? Maybe better to face it that a certain amount of customisation of instrument and action will be needed, than to restrict yourself to ones that are OK out of the box.