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Posted By: catspaw49
21-Oct-99 - 12:43 PM
Thread Name: I am humbled
Subject: RE: I am humbled
Obviously it IS a human thing, but we have molded the roles into what they've become and I don't think many 'Catters would believe the societal "norm" as we're a non-conforming kid of group--folkies.

Karen and I are hardly "normal" American family......and I know a lot of people look at us as though she is supporting a bum.........well that's true but its not what I meant..........

I have always found that women in general can take things in stride better than men can....kinda' like Ma said in "Grapes of Wrath." And in general, I've noticed that men, myself definitely included, never handle being sick as well as women do. Christ, I get a cold or something and I whine around like a baby. This leads to a favorite story.

A few years ago when I had bypass surgery, I'd been feeling bad for a long time and worrying that I had heart problems, but not wanting to admit it. WARNING: If you think you're sick see a doctor! I didn't of course as I was worried that people would think I was somehow weaker (male thing) if I had a heart problem. Live and learn...fortunately I did.

In any case, I'd been moaning and whining around for days and Karen finally was totally exasperated since this seemed no different than my reaction to a cold or the flu. She said, "Look, if you're sick, let's go to the ER." It was a weekend and my doctor was gone. So we pack up the kids and off we go to the ER. Karen goes in ahead of me herding 5 kids and I follow along. We barely get in the door and were just walking to the check in desk when the ER Triage guy, who was standing in the hallway, breezes past Karen and the crew and says, "Sir, let me get you a wheelchair....Let's get this man back to # 8 STAT!!!" Karen turns and thinks (as she will tell you herself)"Christ maybe I need to take another look at him..Maybe he IS sick!" She felt really bad about it, but to me, I thought it was funnier than hell!!! Like the kid crying wolf I guess.

If you're a whining sickie, maybe you need a "Forehead Sticker" saying,

"I Whine Once If I'm Normal---Twice If I'm Having A Heart Attack"